Senior ML Engineer

The CHI Software is looking for Senior ML Engineer.  Our cient provides an AI-decision engine. This technology layer easily integrates to supercharge a retailer or CPG's workflow

About project (an End-to-end AI Engine)
All running with the customer environment, constantly learning based on actual results. We specialize in RETAIL and CPG AI-driven predictions, forecasts and recommendations for Category Management, Pricing and Promotions, and Demand Forecasting. Why Project is unique – It focuses specifically on category management and forecasting models through the use of a central hyper-optimization AI engine. It reviews all category management decisions across your product and merchandising journey, allowing us to predict the impact of every individual and collective action.
What It Means for Users:
-Visibility to the future performance of your collective decisions.
-Fact-based recommendations driven by all available datapoints.
-Outputs that speak your language and follow your process.
-Constant monitoring of behavior changes with recommendations on what to do.

Required Skills/Experience:

● Know Python, Docker, Cloud engineering, SQL, Basic ML algorithms.
● Comfortable with cloud-based platforms such as Azure Data Factory and Azure ML Pipeline
● Have used version control applications like Gitlab


Preferred Skills/Experience Nice to Have:
● Python ML frameworks: Pytorch, Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, scikit-learn, Numpy
● Have used PySpark or Azure Databricks Notebooks
● Understand Continuous integration, testing, deployment & release methodologies


Core Responsibilities:
● Manage the whole machine learning lifecycle
● Create automated ETL pipelines for training datasets
● Create a ML pipeline to train, evaluate and deploy models
● Collaborate with engineering and product development teams to productionize the developed AI model


We Offer:

● Competitive compensation and benefits
● Flexible working schedule
● Remote work or work in one of our development offices
● Covered rest period (20 business days+ 5 days-off)
● Professional growth: a variety of projects, regular technical events, mentorship.
● Free English classes (we have an amazing English teaching team)
● Speaking-club with a native English speaker
● Truly friendly atmosphere and teambuilding


About us: CHI Software is a development center with a team of 500+ experts and complex in-house expertise in different business domains and industries like retail, fintech, insurance, etc. We work providing both managed delivery and team extension services to startups and reputed companies worldwide. On our projects, we continuously keep up with the current technology trends, developing Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, AR/VR, Cloud (AWS, Azure) solutions.


About the AI&ML team

The company’s AI&ML department was formed in 2019. During this time, the team managed to improve skills significantly and release a lot of projects. Our specialists are now actively working on the development of Data Science, Machine Learning, Audio ML, Computer Vision, and NLP directions.
Every day, the AI&ML department is faced with new exciting, and one might even say fantastic tasks. In solving them, the team conducts an expert assessment, is engaged in research, and finds truly unique solutions. Each new project gives a chance to learn something new in the Artificial Intelligence field.

  • 6 years — the average work experience 
  • 10 specialists 
  • Continuous growth 

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