The CHI Software team is not standing still. We love our job and give it one hundred percent of us! Every new project is a challenge that we face successfully. The only thing that can stop us is… Wait, it’s nothing! The number of projects is growing, and with them, our team too. And now we need a Middle/Senior Vue.js.  Our client is specialize in RETAIL and CPG AI-driven predictions, forecasts and recommendations for Category Management, Pricing and Promotions, and Demand Forecasting. Why Project is unique? It focuses specifically on category management and forecasting models through the use of a central hyper-optimization AI engine. It reviews all category management decisions across your product and merchandising journey, allowing us to predict the impact of every individual and collective action. What It Means for Users? Visibility to the future performance of your collective decisions. Fact-based recommendations driven by all available datapoints. Outputs that speak your language and follow your process. Constant monitoring of behavior changes with recommendations on what to do.    

Our hero:

Core Responsibilities:
— Create performant, slick, accessible web applications
— Actively shape the design and feature of products you build in collaboration with design, product, and research teammates
— Work beyond just shipping your product; evaluate, evolve, and optimize your work to deliver the best, most valuable user experiences
— Constantly push to make front-end development on your team and within the ecosystem better by identifying efficiencies, reusable abstractions, and communicating best practices.


Your skills and expertise:

— Work experience of professional software development 2+ years.
— Knows how to build products using a modern web development framework (React, Vue, Angular, Ember, etc). Our current stack is primarily Vue.js
— Comfortable with all of the fundamental web development technologies (ES6+, HTML, CSS, etc).
— Understand browsers, DOM, web accessibility and can solve cross-browser compatibility issues, optimize client-side performance, and build responsive designs.
— Have used modern web development tooling across the stack: CSS preprocessors, bundlers, testing frameworks, CI tools.
— Fast learning, proactivity.



About us: CHI Software is a development center with a team of 500+ experts and complex in-house expertises in different business domains and industries like retail, fintech, insurance etc. To startups and reputed companies worldwide. On our projects we constantly keep up with the current technology trends, developing Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, AR/VR, Cloud (AWS, Azure) solutions.


About the Frontend Team

The largest department in CHI Software is JS. With this team, you can improve your skills quickly. The Frontend department will help you solve any problem! For now, the primary team‘s vectors of growth are Full Stack Development and React. The technological stack varies for each project and depends on the client’s needs.  

If you would like to share your extensive experience, you can become an interns’ mentor or lead one of the commercial projects. 

  • 5 years — the average work experience
  • 64 developers
  • Annual internship 

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