UI/UX/Graphic Designer

CHI Software Marketing team is looking for a new teammate for a UI/UX Designer role. Together, we develop and nurture both business and employer brands. If you are passionate about IT, have strong hard skills in design, and are eager to find creative solutions - welcome!


— Work in programs such as Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe After Effects;

— Skill in working with PowerPoint presentations;

— Experience with composition, typography, coloristic, UI / UX basics;

— Experience with social media posts, branding, and logo creation;

— Creative thinking, desire to develop;

— It is important to be able to search and find the information you need;

— Personal qualities that will help in work:

— flexibility;

— sociability;

— good time management skill;

— multitasking;

— responsibility;

— confidence in their work;

— striving for the ideal;

— empathy.


With us you can:

Develop your technical knowledge:
— Use latest technologies;
— Participate in technical events and conferences (the cost is covered by the company);

— Opportunity to work with microservices and a lot of modern technology;

— Regular techtalks and professional development.


Improve your soft skills:
— Build strong teamwork skills and become an essential part of the dynamic teams;
— Improve your English at classes and speaking directly with clients;
— Increase your productivity and communication level via Scrum, Kanban, Agile methodologies.


What else do we offer?
— Competitive compensation and benefits;
— Flexible working schedule;
— Remote work or work in one of our development offices;
— Covered rest period (20 business days+ 5 days-off);
— Professional growth: a variety of projects, regular technical events, mentorship;
— Free English classes (we have an amazing English teaching team);
— Speaking-club with a native English speaker;
— Truly friendly atmosphere and teambuilding.



О Marketing команде

Marketing Unit в нашей компании достаточно молодой, но от этого не менее амбициозный. Наши специалисты работают по нескольким направлениям. Так команда внешнего маркетинга изучает потребителя, тенденции и требования рынка. А внутренняя – активно работает над развитием бренда работодателя и партнерских отношений как с высшими учебными заведениями, так и с образовательными проектами. Так в 2019 году мы заключили партнерство с ХНУ им. Бекетова и совместно открыли лабораторию “Интернет вещей”.

  • 2 года опыта
  • 9 специалистов
  • Постянное развитие

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