Anna Krepchenko

Android Team Lead

I finished my 2nd year at the university, and got to summer practice at CHI Software. With a group of 10 people, we spent every evening during 2.5 months on meetings/classes, where we got basic theoretical and practical knowledge on Android. After successfully completing this practice, I got the position of Android trainee.

Now I’m Technical Lead of Android team and I think my biggest achievement is the experts I work with and who I superwise. Also, I have prepared a detailed program for Android Internship, and now we can prepare new specialists and realize their further development in the most productive way.
What else? Perhaps, my current position (blushing). I love the opportunity to lead our big Android team at our current project, as well as take part in work as a technical lead.
I also love our company’s fast growth and development. And it’s a real pleasure to work with our project and department management!

As one of short-term goals, I would love to further contribute to growing our Mobile team and help increase and diversify the technical expertise of the staff.

Aleksey Stankevich

QA Engineer

Hi, I’m Alexey Stankevych. Started small, I’m a Middle+ QA Engineer now.

How I got to CHI Software: my good friend recommended me to the supervisors. It was my first interview in the IT sphere, so it was both scary and curious for me. At that time, I mastered a lot of professional literature, along with passing the testing courses. The most difficult (and amusing!) was the technical interview, of course. I was 'lucky' to have both Team and Technical leads on my interview. We talked for about 2 hours, so I'm more than certain that I’ve earned the right to be here ;)

Speaking about achievements, I believe the fact that I'm still here is, probably, my biggest one. I'm grateful to my mentors for their contribution to my professional and personal growth. My Napoleonic plans include self-improving and sharing experience with the next generations of QA engineers, to instill confidence in them and make the world a better place.

The project I’m working on now gives me the opportunity to find a compromise in any complex question or problem. What do I like most about working at CHI Software? The community!

Anton Hulak

JavaScript Developer

I was looking for a job when my friend advised to apply for internship at CHI Software. He once tried to join QA internship there, and I guess he failed. To cut the long story short, he told me ‘they are looking for a JavaScript Intern, try it’. So I did.

Currently, I'm a Middle JS developer but back then it was my first interview in the IT sphere. So, the fact that I was able to join IT community was a big achievement of mine. Currently, I'm doing my best to progress and therefore, gain a good reputation in my team. And the plans for the nearest future are quite simple: to progress more by practicing various technologies, boost my skills and to implement really interesting and useful projects. Full stop.

I like my current project because it is not trivial, and we use non-standard technology stack. The team is just great, everyone is fun and kind. Most of all I like the friendly atmosphere in the company, flexible schedule and goodies, of course :) Oh, and our considerate management.

Vladislav Kosyi

iOS Developer

I enrolled in CHI Software iOS team really fast - passed the interview and received a prompt reply from the HR. I was so excited, that offered to start work a week earlier than other interns did. Currently, I’m a Middle iOS developer.

I believe my biggest achievement is that the management and my team recognize me as a valuable member. They consider my opinion, and I think being truly appreciated matters a lot to anyone.

The most valuable things are the great team, the ability to communicate and get timely assistance. Guess that's the reason I forget about time when I’m at work. You can always count on efficient management and the projects are cool too: everyone has a possibility to work on trendy projects using the latest technologies.

I like easy communication, the overall good mood and the desire to return to office. Of course, I idealize a bit :) Tough days happen, but they don't get me to give up and quit. And that’s inspiring.

I plan to develop my skills, by all means, and to open up new directions, explore new architectural approaches, and practice Zen programming.