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About our internships

With 10+ years of experience, CHI Software has impressively grown from a small studio into 450+ Research and Development Center. We are constantly adding new areas of expertise and never stop growing. In 2013 the first corporate internship with in-house mentors for students and post graduates took place. Since that time we bring up and educate our future loyal employees.

Who for?

  • Students of senior courses
  • Post-graduates of technical universities
  • Self-motivated candidates

How long?

  • Up to 3 months
  • 5 days a week: Monday through Friday
  • Flexible schedule

Why bother?

  • Assigned mentor to assist with tasks
  • A regular monthly scholarship
  • Succeed and join our team

Technologies intern

What’s in it for you?

Develop your technical knowledge

Improve your existing technical
skills and learn new technologies

Take part in our regular techtalk sessions
and inner hackathons;

Work on actual projects, using
technologies on demand.

Improve your soft skills

Build strong teamwork skills and become
an essential part of our dynamic teams;

Increase your productivity and communication
level with Scrum, Kanban, Agile methodologies;

Practice your English by direct
communication with clients.


  • Android
  • JavaScript
  • QA
  • Java


Custom animation

During this techtalk we discussed animation methods available on Android out of the box, as well as reviewed examples on real applications:

  • Various animated transitions between screens
  • Buttons animation
  • Vect or graphics animation
  • Circular reveal transition


Serhii Kukurik, Android Developer

Android techtalk 01


Design patterns - how to implement a feature

At this techtalk our Android Team outlined design patterns beginning from basic concepts and discussed the ways to implement them:

  • Design patterns: basic concepts
  • Comparison of implementing them in Java and Kotlin
  • Kotlin syntactic sugar for simplifying the patterns implementation


Oleksandr Kriatov, Android Developer

Android techtalk 02


Сode splitting with reducers and sagas

  • What is it and how it does this work?
  • Why should I use it?
  • How to implement?

At this techtalk we discussed how to avoid "redux routine" in complex react-redux applications.


Artur Nesterenko, JavaScript Engineer

JavaScript techtalk 01


Design patterns

At this techtalk our JavaScript department discussed some interesting classic design patterns and the ways to use them in JavaScript. The questions that we discussed:

  • Why do we need to know these design patterns?
  • Can we use them in JavaScript?
  • How to implement?


Vladimir Kharaman, Full-stack JavaScript Engineer.

JavaScript techtalk 02


Strategy of testing. How to start?

  • What are the main parts of the strategy?
  • What types of strategies exist?
  • What is a test analysis and what does it let you know about the project/product, how does it help in drawing up a test strategy?
  • What test design techniques exist and in which cases we can use them?

Andrey Domanov talked about various types of test strategies and what cases are applicable to each of them. This techtalk was an introduction to testing strategy.


Andrey Domanov, QA Engineer

QA techtalk 01


Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

At this techtalk we considered BDD, its pros and cons and discussed who can use this technology.

  • What is TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development) as its variety
  • Implementation of BDD in java: Cucumber.
  • The scripting language - Gherkin, templates and the main features of writing scripts
  • Ability to parameterize tests
  • Generation and types of reporting
  • How to change and write new scripts, combining test steps


Stanislav Trubchanov, Senior QA Automation Engineer

QA techtalk 02


Spring Cloud

At this techtalk we got acquainted with Spring Cloud and visually examined code examples using Spring Cloud components:

  • Service Discovery
  • Load Balancing
  • Declarative Rest Client
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Real-Time Metrics
  • Gateway API


Oleksandr Ansimov, Technical Lead of Java Department

Java Spring Cloud techtalk 01


Object storages in AWS

This techtalk was held in order to get acquainted with object storages at Amazon Web Services. The main points discussed:

  • Data consistency, S3, S3-IA, S3-RRS, Glacier.
  • S3 - Versioning, CRR (Cross Region Replication), Lifecycle Management
  • CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • CloudFront CDN (Content Delivery Network): Edge Location, Origin, Distribution (WEB and RTMP) Security & Encryption.
  • Storage Gateway: File Gateway (NFS), Stored Volumes Gateway, Cached Volumes Gateway, Tape Gateway (VTL)
  • Snowball, Snowball Edge, Snowmobile, S3 Transfer Acceleration, S3 Transfer Acceleration.
  • Static Website Hosting


Oleksandr Ansimov, Technical Lead of Java Department

Java techtalk 02

How you can become our intern:

  • Prepare your CV, update it with all the information that will help us know why we should choose you.
  • Apply for the internship program via website or send us an email to careers@chisw.com (don’t forget to include your CV!), and wait for our recruiting team to get back to you.
  • Pass the interview: English test and technical interview with our specialists.
  • After successfully passing all the stages, wait for the internship program to begin.

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