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About our internships

With 10+ years of experience, CHI Software has impressively grown from a small studio into 450+ Research and Development Center. We are constantly adding new areas of expertise and never stop growing. In 2013 the first corporate internship with in-house mentors for students and post graduates took place. Since that time we bring up and educate our future loyal employees.

Who for?

  • Students of senior courses
  • Post-graduates of technical universities
  • Self-motivated candidates

How long?

  • Up to 3 months
  • 5 days a week: Monday through Friday
  • Flexible schedule

Why bother?

  • Assigned mentor to assist with tasks
  • A regular monthly scholarship
  • Succeed and join our team

Technologies intern

What’s in it for you?

Develop your technical knowledge

Improve your existing technical
skills and learn new technologies

Take part in our regular techtalk sessions
and inner hackathons;

Work on actual projects, using
technologies on demand.

Improve your soft skills

Build strong teamwork skills and become
an essential part of our dynamic teams;

Increase your productivity and communication
level with Scrum, Kanban, Agile methodologies;

Practice your English by direct
communication with clients.

Your Mentors

Ivan Bondarenko

Senior Full Stack Ruby developer at CHI Software

The former successful speaker at Spalah IT School, the expert with profound practical experience in Ruby and Ruby on Rails development. He will help you get new tech skills in order to take your career to a higher professional level.

  • 6 years of practical experience
  • More than 15 products done
  • Active mentor for current students
  • Good temper

How you can become our intern:

  • Prepare your CV, update it with all the information that will help us know why we should choose you.
  • Apply for the internship program via website or send us an email to careers@chisw.com (don’t forget to include your CV!), and wait for our recruiting team to get back to you.
  • Pass the interview: English test and technical interview with our specialists.
  • After successfully passing all the stages, wait for the internship program to begin.

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